Sinclair Spectrum 16K & 48K Software, Games and Utilities....

All software in this section has been tested on a 48K Spectrum - it may also run on the 128K machines in 48K mode. 
All software to the best of my knowledge is, unless stated, complete with the manuals & documentation with which it originally shipped.

Some software WILL NOT run on a 16K Spectrum - see the dedicated Spectrum 16K section for 16K software.

Multiple purchases will be combined to give the best possible shipping costs.  The website engine will try to calculate this, but often, because of the way both size and weight and number of units purchased can effect  the cost, the price given may be too high.  We always review the final package and can often get a better cost on the day.
If this is the case we will send a PayPal refund after dispatch.

10 Computer Hits - 48K & 128K Spectrum - Big Box

10 Computer Hits 3 - Spectrum 48/128K - Large Jewel Case

3D Combat Zone - Spectrum 48K - Std Jewel Case

3D Lunattack - 48K Spectrum - SJC

3D Space Wars - 16K 48K Spectrum - SJC

3D Starfighter - 48K / 128K Spectrum - Std Jewel Case

3D Starstrike - 48K Spectrum - SJC

3D Tank Duel - 48K Spectrum - SJC

Ace Of Aces - 48K Spectrum - Large Jewel Case

Action Biker with Clumsy Colin - 48K Spectrum - SJC

AD ASTRA - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K - SJC

Airborne Ranger - 48K & 128K Spectrum - Big Box

Airliner - Spectrum 16K - Standard Jewel Case

Alchemist - 48K Spectrum - Std Jewel Case

Alien Destroyer - Spectrum 48K - Standard Jewel Case

Anarchy - 48K Spectrum - Std Jewel Case

Androids - Spectrum 16K Std Jewel Case

Angle Ball - 48K Spectrum - SJC

Armageddon - 16K 48K Spectrum - SJC

Astro Blaster - 16K 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum - SJC

Atic Atac - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K - SJC

Barbarian II - Spectrum 48K - Boxed Version

Batman - Spectrum 48K - Box Version

Battle Ships - 48K Spectrum - Std Jewel Case

Battlefield - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K - SJC

Beach-Head - 48K Spectrum - SJC

Bear Bovver - 48K Spectrum - Standard Jewel Case

Biggles - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K - BC

Bismarck - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K 128K - LJC

Blasteroids - Spectrum 48/128K - Large Jewel Case


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