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For new visitors who don't know us, Dataserve Retro is a small husband and wife team.  We collect and restore many types of 1980's 8-bit retro computer systems, but have a particular interest in the Sinclair and Amstrad machines.

We set up our original website back in 2004 to provide information on the range of 8-bit micro computers that we restore and support - focusing on the companies behind them, their development history and sadly for most of them, their ultimate demise.

As the site was noticed, we started to receive many emails and questions.  The site expanded (and continues to do so now) as we tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by sharing our own knowledge and experience through the technical pages.

We try to offer support and advice in a friendly and non-technical way and will continue to add sections as site visitors request them - drop us an email if you want a particular subject covered and we'll do our best to help.

The Site Shop

We offer a large range of spares, parts, peripherals, documentation, books, software, games and complete machines (when available).  These are all offered in a dedicated sales area with sections for each computer supported.

Payment for items is quick and easy via PayPal, but you can pay by other methods should you prefer (please email us).

Site Security
The site is secure to protect your transactions when using the shop, but please ensure that you use the SSL secured address of https://www.dataserve-retro.co.uk/ if you bookmark the site.

What's new?...

New in-line power switches for the Spectrum 16 / 48 / 128K & +2 (grey model) available in the shop.

New RCA audio / video leads available for the Spectrum +2 (grey model) in the shop.

New power supplies for the Spectrum 16K / 48K and Acorn Electron in the shop.

New screw sets for the CPC 464 added to the shop.

Last site update - 11/08/22


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