About Us

A little information about DataServe Retro

My own personal interest in computers dates back some 30 years to when I bought my first Sinclair Spectrum 48K. During those early years I owned many models in the Spectrum range before moving on to the early Amstrad PC1512 and many PC's subsequently.

Always interested in the technical aspects of computers, I started to build PCs from their components and I am an A+ Certified Technician with over 35 years experience. 

I work on my machines on a hobby basis from a workshop converted from my garage, with storage in my second garage and a converted loft.

In the late 1990's I won a 48K Sinclair Spectrum on eBay which turned out to be faulty.  I repaired it and my hobby turned full circle and looped back to the 8-bit machines I first learned to program on.  Much more time is now spent on the repair and restoration of these machines than the modern PCs.

Every machine which comes into my workshop is completely stripped down into its component parts and thoroughly cleaned.  After all the spiders, moths, paper clips, pencils, obsolete £5 notes, rings, old coins, pizza and tomato ketchup have been removed (I've seen it all) then the components are thoroughly tested and any faulty components replaced.


This can be a long process as components are often difficult to track down these days. Learning to desolder good components from old boards and replace faulty equivalents on other boards without losing your fingers is a skill long and painful in the learning !

Once re-assembled, tested and fully valeted, they are offered for sale both in this on-line shop and on the eBay site where I also have an eBay Shop.  Prices are a little higher there though due to the overheads imposed by the eBay infrastructure.

A typical Spectrum +2 or +3 machine will have had minimum of 2 hours attention by the time it appears in the shop, but potential buyers will have the assurance that the machine they purchase is as good as it can be and not just passed on from a local car boot sale on eBay.   You will never see the words "untested, but was working OK when put away in the loft".

As well as offering complete systems to the retro enthusiast, I try to offer as complete a range as possible of fully tested replacement parts and spares. Many of them made up from new. 

Also on offer when I have them are books, original manuals, system disks and tapes and software.

I also offer a repair service where possible including a disk drive repair service for the non standard 3” drives found in the Amstrad and Spectrum +3 machines.

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions or queries.