WH Smith CCR 700 Data Recorder Drive & Tape Counter Belt Set

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Brand New Replacement Cassette Drive & Tape Counter Belt Set for the WH Smith CCR 700 Cassette Recorder

Pack contains 2 belts

The cause of poor loading performance from these old cassette players is usually a perishing main drive belt becoming slack as the rubber dries out becoming stretched and inflexible with age.
A "kink" also forms where the belt has sat without moving around the drive pulley for 20 - 30 years or so. This kink then becomes a permanent feature of the belt causing it to jump and slip.

The tape counter belts don't usually snap or degrade to the same degree, but can slacken off over time and may start to slip.

The belts supplied are brand-new replacements, as close as is possible to the design and size of the originals, but made from modern, more resilient materials. They have been tested extensively on this machine and work perfectly.
Manufactured in Germany, they are of premium quality. They are not the cheap, terrible quality things from the Chinese belt bundles so widely available now.


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