Sinclair Spectrum+ Keyboard Membrane - Plus 48K & 128K (Toast Rack)

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Brand New Replacement Keyboard Membrane for the 48K & 128K (Toast Rack) Sinclair ZX Spectrum + machines

One of the most common faults on the Spectrum+ and 128 models are groups of non working keys, or a completely non-working keyboard where it is impossible to get past the start up screen.  This problem is almost always caused by a worn or broken keyboard membrane.

These are brand new, high quality replacement membranes, manufactured with high quality, more flexible, modern materials.  The membranes are also thicker (giving better connectivity) and are heat and UV light resistant.  This prevents the problems of sensitivity to internal heat and cracking of the membrane legs over time.

Please note that this membrane IS NOT suitable for the 16K / 48K "rubber" key Spectrums - a smaller membrane is required for those machines - see "Related Products" below.

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