Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A +2B +3 RGB SCART Cable TV Lead

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New RGB SCART Cable for the Spectrum +2A, +2B and +3 Computers

Click on the "More" tab for the troubleshooting guide

Gives high quality RGB picture and sound.  Your TV must be capable of manual switching to RGB mode - most are, but please check your manual, some new Plasma & LCD models may present a problem. Click on the "More" tab for our troubleshooting guide.

Can be returned for a refund if non-compatible.

Please note this is not suitable for the Spectrum +2 (grey model) - see "Related Products" below for a link to that lead.

Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Select the correct A/V input on your TV / remote
  • Check that the plugs are pushed in fully at both ends
  • Check that no pins are bent in the Scart plugs
  • Try a different Scart socket, only one is RGB compatible
  • Connect directly to the TV - do not connect through a Scart switch box
  • Check Scart socket is set to RGB in TVs menu options
  • Check TV is in 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Try a different TV if possible - the older the TV, the better!  The old style CRT TVs are the best and always produce the best quality picture
  • New LCD TVs may not be compatible and / or may give a poor quality picture
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