Sinclair Spectrum +3 Disk Drive Replacement Belts - Pack of 2

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Brand New Replacement Drive Belts for Spectrum +3 (Pack of 2)

When anyone buys a Spectrum +3 these days, or finds one in the loft, the most common fault is a non-working drive.

The old drive belts perished badly over time and in some cases the solution to a non-working drive is a thorough clean and a drive belt replacement.

These high quality (German made) belts are of identical design and size to the originals but newly made from modern more resilient materials.

Important - before fitting the new belts, make sure that all traces of the old belts have been removed from the drive motor capstan and pulley wheel with Cassette / Disk Drive Head Cleaning Fluid available in our web shop. Residues of the old, worn belts will cause the new belts to slip and/or "ride up" and come off the pulleys.

A full service kit is also available in the shop with all the equipment you need (including belt) and full colour Instruction manual.


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