Amstrad CPC 6128 Replacement Case Screws

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Brand New Replacement Case Screws for the Amstrad CPC 6128

Contains 9 screws in total

Pack contains 6 long flat head screws for the bottom case, plus one slightly longer one which some cases require (see photograph for the correct position of the longer one). This may not be required.

There are also 2 small black machine screws for the disk drive bay (if you only require the disk drive bay screws, these are available in another listing in our Shop).

These screws are as close as as it is possible to obtain to match the originals - they are the same diameter, length and thread pitch, but have a flat rather than the domed head of the originals. They are also steel coloured rather than the original brass colour.

So, whilst they are a match functionally (the important bit), they are just slightly different cosmetically (see photographs).


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