Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K, 48K, 128 & +2 (grey) Power Supply New PSU

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Brand New 9V 2A Power Supply for the Spectrum 16K, 48K, 48K+,  128 and +2 (grey model)

This is a brand new, replacement switching power supply which is 100% compatible with the Spectrum 16K, 48K, 48K+, 128 and +2 (grey models.

A modern, efficient regulated power supply PSU rated at 2A (the original Sinclair PSU's were rated at 1.4A) giving plenty of "head room" for additional peripherals.

This new power supply is regulated, which means that more power is actually available than supplied by the original unregulated 2.1A PSU's supplied with the spectrum 128 and +2 grey model making it a perfect replacement.

Can be used with our Sinclair ZX Spectrum in-line power switch.

This power supply is wired with the end plug "centre pin negative", so must not be used with any other device other than the Spectrum models listed above.

It is not suitable for use with the Spectrum +2A, +2B or +3 models.


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