BBC Model A B or B+ Power Supply Capacitor Kit

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BBC Micro Power Supply Replacement Capacitor Kit

Turned your BBC Micro on after 30 years being in the loft, only for it to go bang in a puff of foul smelling smoke? Bought your latest "untested" machine off eBay, only to find it doesn't turn on? You've got the age related power supply issues that are common to all these machines.

Most issues with the power supply can be resolved by changing three capacitors - C1, C2, and C9.
Once changed, your PSU should be good to go for many more years to come. Some PSUs will require more work, and other caps or components to change, but the vast majority can be fixed with just these three basic parts.

This kit comes with three main caps that should always be changed when servicing your power supply:

  • C2 - 100nF X2 - RIFA KEMET
  • C1 - 10nF X2 - RIFA KEMET
  • C9 - 1 x 220uF 25V capacitor 105°C

The RIFA brand capacitors, now manufactured by KEMET, are made to a better standard than the ones 30+ years ago, and are not prone to the same failures as the earlier ones. They also now have a temperature rating of 110 degrees Celsius, whereas the original ones fitted were usually only 85 degrees, this helps them survive longer when the PSU is running.
All three capacitors are the exact correct lead spacing for the PCB to fit without having to splay the leads out to force them to fit as you may find in other kits.

Other lower cost kits you may see often use cheaper, lower grade Chinese capacitors. These won't last as long as the genuine high quality ones supplied here. Even kits that claim to use the same "high quality" capacitors, do not supply a +125 degree rated C9.

The components supplied in this ket are the correct type for the power supplies found in the vast majority of machines, including ASTEC and BSR for the Model B and HITRON for the BBC Master.


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