Commodore C16 C64 C128 SCART Lead

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New RGB SCART  Cable for the Commodore C16, C64 and C128 Computers

Click the "More" tab for the troubleshooting guide

A quality made scart video and audio cable for the Commodore C16, C64 and C128 home computer systems.  Connects into any available scart input.  No need for tuning.

Depending on your TV (the older, the better) it may need to be capable of manual switching to the AV channel that the RGB scart cable is connected to - most are via the remote controller, but please check your manual. Some new Plasma & LCD models may present a problem with very old computers, the older type CRT type TV's are the best. Click on the "More" tab for our troubleshooting guide.

Can be returned for a refund if non-compatible.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Select the correct A/V input on your TV remote
  • Check that the plugs are pushed in fully at both ends
  • Check that no pins are bent in the Scart plugs
  • Try a different Scart, only one is RGB compatible
  • Do not connect through a Scart switch box
  • Check Scart socket is set to RGB in TVs menu options
  • Check TV is in 4:3 aspect ratio
  • The older the TV, the better!  CRT TVs are best, new & LG LCD TVs may not be compatible.