Cassette Unit Service Kit For The Amstrad CPC 464

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Service Kit For The Amstrad CPC 464 Cassette Drive

A common problem with the Amstrad CPC 464 these days is poor loading performance from the built-in cassette deck.

This is often due to stretching and wear of the tape mechanism drive belt, or a dirty read/write head.

The old belts stretch over time and now slip causing loading problems.  Also, when stood unused for many years, the belts develop a "kink" where the belt has rested unmoving over the capstan. This kink becomes a permanent feature in the belt causing it to jump when the drive is used again.

This is a complete service kit for the CPC 464, complete with new belt, head cleaning solution and a special double-tip, pointed, high precision cleaning swab for the read/write heads. 

All you need (except basic tools) to service the cassette deck of your 464 and restore it's original performance.