Amstrad CPC 464 Cassette Unit Service Kit

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Full Service Kit For The Amstrad CPC 464 Cassette Drive

A common problem with the Amstrad CPC 464 these days is poor loading performance from the built-in cassette deck.  This is often due to stretching and wear of the tape mechanism drive belt, or a dirty read/write head.

The old belts stretch over time and now slip causing loading problems.  Also, when stood unused for many years, the belts develop a "kink" where the belt has rested unmoving over the capstan. This kink becomes a permanent feature in the belt causing it to jump when the drive is used again.

This is a complete service kit for the CPC 464, with new cassette drive belt, tape counter belt, head cleaning solution, a special pointed, non-abrasive precision cleaning swab for the read/write heads and general swabs to clean the cassette transport rollers and posts. 

All you need (except basic tools) to service the cassette deck of your 464 and restore it's original performance.

Please note - the belts in this kit ARE NOT suitable for use with the CPC 464 Plus model.


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