Amstrad CPC 664 6128 6128+ PCW8256 FD-1 DDI-1 Disk Drive Belt

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Twin packs and packs of 5 are also available in the our Shop if you want to replace one and keep one as a spare or you are a repairer.

When anyone buys a disk drive model of the Amstrad CPC these days the most common fault is a non-working drive.

The old drive belts perished badly over time and in some cases the solution to a dead drive is a thorough clean and a drive belt replacement.

These high quality (German made) belts are of identical design and size to the originals but newly made from modern more resilient materials. They are not the cheap, terrible quality things from the Chinese belt bundles so widely available now.

These belts will fit the Amstrad CPC 664, 6128 & 6128 Plus, and also the DDI-1 & FD-1 external disk drives. They are also suitable for the Amstrad PCW machines which have the 3" drives (all except the PCW 9512+) and the Sinclair Spectrum +3.

Important - before fitting the new belts, make sure that all traces of the old belts have been removed from the drive motor capstan and pulley wheel with Cassette / Disk Drive Head Cleaning Fluid available in our eBay shop. Residues of the old, worn belts can caused the new belts to slip and/or "ride up" and come off the pulleys.

A full service kit is also available in the shop with all the equipment you need (including belt) and full colour instruction manual.


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