Acorn Electron Power Supply PSU - Brand New

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Brand New High Efficiency (85%) Power Supply for the Acorn Electron

A brand new PSU to replace the Electron's original 19V external PSU which are expensive and are getting harder to find now.

The Acorn Electron has both an internal and external power supply. The external PSU supplied power at 19V to the internal PSU which then stepped this down to 12V and 5V supplies for the Electron motherboard.

Using this high efficiency 12V power supply is more power efficient, reducing the energy wasted as heat.

This power supply works well in extensive testing I have done. The only possible issue is that 19V will no longer be available on the Electron's expansion port, but I don't think any peripherals used this line. I believe it was there for the Electron Plus 1 unit, but it didn't actually use it.

Can be used with our Acorn Electron in-line power switch, or can be purchased in a pack complete with the switch.

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