Contact Me

My website and my restoration of retro computers is a much loved hobby and not a way of making a living.  As such, I do work full time, a good distance from my home, so I am not normally available for telephone calls.

If you would like to contact me then free to email me with any questions or enquiries, I'll do my best to help, or try to point you in the right direction if I can't. 
I will try to get back to you the same day where possible, but I do work away from home from time to time, so on occasions it may be a day or two, but you will not be ignored!

If you haven't received a reply after a couple of days, please try again - you may have been the subject of an over zealous spam filter!

I am also always happy to receive comments, suggestions, etc on the website, so please, feel free to email them in.
My address details are below.