Introduction To SUPERBASIC On The Sinclair QL

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Introduction To SUPERBASIC On The Sinclair QL
The Sinclair QL Series
by Dick Meadows

Written to explain SuperBASIC to the newcomer to programming and for the programmer unfamiliar with SuperBASIC.

Covers all the features of SuperBASIC, ideas and methods for programming, inputing and output of information, decisions, repition, functions, string processing, arrays, procedures and user defined functions.

This is a 222 page paperback which is in reasonably good condition, but has been exposed to some damp at some point in its life. There are some stains on the bottom right corner of the pages and page edges, but none of the pages have stuck together or been damaged. The photographs don't show these.
There are also some rub marks and creases in keeping with its age, but there are no loose or missing pages and the book is completely usable.


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