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The Concise BBC Microcomputer User Guide

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The Concise BBC Microcomputer User Guide
Acorn Computer &

A new, modernised and expanded version of the BBC Model B User Guide.

This publication is a compilation of the most important parts of the original user guide and the Advanced User Guide in one 646 page ring-bound manual, painstakingly brought together by BBC Micro experts at Retroclinic.

The main chapters cover key subjects such as:

  • Sample Programs
  • BASIC Keywords
  • Error Messages
  • Cassette Files
  • Machine code and the BASIC Assembler
  • The 6502 Instruction Set
  • *FX and OSBYTE Calls
  • Memory Usage
  • Events and Interrupts
  • Paged ROMs

There is also an extensive break down of the hardware, and descriptions of the functions of many of the individual chips inside the machine. The book includes an Appendix which summarises *FX and OSBYTE Calls, Key and VDU codes as well as screen layouts and a glossary of terms. Finally there is a section on modern hardware, such as the Retroclinic Compact Flash and DataCentre USB interfaces.

Comes with "Welcome" and Disc utilities for the 8271 disc interface, along with a reprinted full schematic diagram.
A 646 page ring bound manual in as new condition.