How to use the Site

How to find you way around...

Welcome to the May 2017, version 3 of the DataServe Retro website.

The site has been completely re-coded to ensure that it is compatible with modern browsers, tablets and smart 'phones.
It has also been significantly extended, with more sections covering a wider range of 8-Bit micros (and even a couple of 16-Bit computers)!

The layout is completely different to the old site and is now structured primarily around particular computer types, with a section dedicated to each of the computer/manufacturer covered.  In each section you will find a history of the computers and company who produced them, a sales section devoted to those computers, a books section and sometimes technical, repairs and servicing sections.

Hopefully this makes it an easier and more logical way of finding your way around.

Navigation is by the navigation bar to the left of the page, or by link boxes running across the top and/or down the right hand side of some pages.





There are also the main "official" pages, such as contact information, terms and conditions of sales etc across the very top of the pages.

If you get lost and don't know where you are, just check the "breadcrumbs" bar which will tell you exactly.  You can also click on any part of the bar to move to that particular part of the site.

We hope you enjoy using the new website and quickly get to grips with it - it is very different to the old site!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Sue and Steve