Please be aware of a con man currently using my website as part of a scam

If you live in the Bournemouth or Poole area and are approached by a man claiming to be Steve from DataServe, please do not give this man money, no matter how plausible his sob story is.

The guy is approaching mainly women and claiming he has run out of petrol and desperately needs to get to a job, or back to the Midlands.

He never asks for more than £40 to keep his story realistic.  He will also quote this website.


Please - if he does approach you, DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY - contact the Police on 01202 222222 quoting Police Incident No I01-428 and crime number C15D 013892 - don't be conned, several caring women in the area already have been.


I really would appreciate you letting me know if you are approached - I can also the liaise with the Police.