The Concise BBC Microcomputer Service Manual

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The Concise BBC Microcomputer Service Manual

This is a new modernised and expanded copy of the BBC Micro Service Manual.

It covers all of the BBC Micro range, using a compilation of the best parts of all the original service manuals and technical notes from Acorn. It has been completely reworked and laid out to be easier to read, as well as every page now being in full colour.
It's essential for BBC repairs and gives a comprehensive insight into how things actually work under the hood of the Beeb.

It contains 5 sections:

  • BBC Micro Models A & B
  • BBC Micro Model B Plus
  • BBC Master 128 Series
  • BBC Master Compact
  • Schematics for all the above machines, including the main PCBs, Keyboard, Power Supply, Econet Module etc.

Each section contains specific info on the hardware of the machine, including:

  • A general overview of the technical specification of the machine
  • A detailed circuit description of each section of the computer
  • Upgrading the PCB including memory, speech disc and econet systems (where applicable)
  • Full run down of all the selection links available
  • Detailed changes between the various issues of Model A and B PCB
  • Servicing and fault finding tips using numerous example scenarios of malfunctions that can happen
  • A run down of each interface, and diagnosing any issues that can occur

This new manual also goes on to describe refurbishment and repair of the power supplies with full colour photos, something not included in the original service manuals.

Laid out in A4 double sided, with all 224 pages of the main manual printed in full colour on a professional wax offset printer, the manual is faithful to the original Service Manuals available to Acorn dealers and service agents, but is also modernised and updated where necessary.

The last 5 pages of the manual consist of five A3 size schematic diagrams, that fold out for ease of use. The schematics are of all 4 machines covered in the manual, with the one for the Master 128 split over 2 pages.