Maxrll CF2 3 inch Disks in Protective Cases - Lots of 5 Disks

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5 Tested, Formatted & Re-labelled Maxell CF2 Disks in Plastic Cases.
For the Spectrum +3, Amstrad CPC, PCW or Tatung Einstein Computers

Only 1 Pack available.

These disks are genuine, Maxell CF2 disks in good condition, re-labelled and packed in in their original plastic cases. 

They are used disks, but all have been re-formatted, verified and tested error-free on an Amstrad CPC6128.
All have been re-labelled, but there may be traces of old labelling which could not be removed beneath the new labels.

Please note that the cases, whilst giving increased protection, also increase the postage costs (particularly overseas buyers).  The weight is twice that of uncased disks.

Tested, formatted & verified on an Amstrad CPC6128.
If used on other machines, they will need to be re-formatted for that machine.