Mostly BASIC Applications For Your TRS-80

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Mostly BASIC Applications For Your TRS-80
by Howard Berenbon

Contains programs for all interests, this book is divided into six sections:
Section 1 - teal time applications - telephone dialers, a combination lock, a digital stop watch, a 24 hour clock and a timer to control appliances.
Section 2 - maths, foreign languages, spelling, astronomy, memory challenger, visual perception.
Section 3 - house buying guide, amortization & depreciation and other business programs.
Section 4 - recipes, message taker, fuel consumption, expenses etc.
Section 5 - random number generator, digital dice, hex to decimal & decimal to hex conversion.
Section 6 - an unual Tarot Card Reader.

An A4 size, 164 page, spiral bound manual in very good condition.