Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Books

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Best of PCW Software for the Spectrum - Book

Personal Computer World Software for the Spectrum
Very popular in the 80's - contains a book of listings and cassette covering 25 full programs.
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Further Programming For The ZX Spectrum - Book

Further Programming For The ZX Spectrum
By Ian Stewart & Robin Jones

The sequel to "Easy programming", an interesting book covering how to program, rather than just a collection of type in programs.
Covers data management, cassette files, direction to microdrive, graphics, flexible line-numbering, UDF's, system variables, attribute and display files, new character sets, code-breaking, statistics, star chards and many other interesting concepts.

A 164 page paper back in good condition.

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Programming your ZX Spectrum - book

Programming your ZX Spectrum
Tim Hartnell & Dilwyn Jones

From first principles through to quite complex programming techniques, this book leads you step by simple step through BASIC programming on the ZX Spectrum.
Tim Hartnell was one of the UK's leading experts on small computer systems and was a best selling author of a number of ZX books.  Full of insight, witty, funny and sensible.
In excellent condition, this is a 230 page paper back.

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Sixty Programs For The Sinclair Spectrum - Book

Sixty Programs For The Sinclair Spectrum
By Robert Erskine & Humphrey Walwyn & Paul Stanley & Micheal Bews
Serious programs, utilities and games - all "type in" programs covering a wide range of genres.
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Spectrum in Education - Book

Spectrum in Education
by Eric Deeson

Originally used by people responsible for teaching computer awareness and Spectrum programming - starts with an explanation of what a computer is, what it does, then runs through to programming, mini-projects and offers 50 programs of varying size and complexity.

A 170 page paper back in excellent condition.

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Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner

Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner
Edited by William Tang

Jump the limitations of BASIC and write faster, more powerful, space saving programs even with no previous experience.  Each chapter of this book includes examples and applications as well as excellent tuition and self-test questionaires bringing together a complete machine language program - an excellent book and one of the most popular.
In very good condition, this is a 244 page paper back.

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Supercharge your Spectrum - ZX Spectrum Book

Supercharge your Spectrum
by David Webb

Extend your Spectrum without effort with ready-made machine language routines without the need to learn the language.  Also includes one of the most complete discussions on the Spectrum's system variables ever published.
Over 50 ready-made routines with clear and detailed comments.

In excellent condition, this is a 182 page paper back.

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The Century Computer Programming Course

The Century Computer Programming Course
Complete Guide to Sinclair BASIC

A comprehensive learning library covering every aspect of Sinclair BASIC - this was the "bible" in its time.

A massive 526 page large paper back in good condition

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ZX Spectrum Micro Guide - Book

ZX Spectrum Micro Guide

Excellent little 30 page hard back summary guide & Quick Reference Guide to the BASIC and System Operations of the ZX Spectrum

A small 28 page hard back book in excellent condition.